About Us

Ayurvastra Having an experience of more than half a century in the scenario of textile products manufacturing, Kairali Exports focuses mainly on assuring eco-friendliness and quality. Relying on the innovative concept of Ayurvastra, we leave no stone unturned for the same. The underlying concept is Ayurvastra which is the abbreviated form of Ayurvedic Textile. The core notion here is to excavate traditional organic natural dying method and implement it to the modern textile industry. Though the synthetic dye has always remained as a cheaper option, the adverse impact it deposits is compelling the world to rethink. Using synthetic dyes paves way for pollution and other environmental and health related issues. And as a result, it seems genuine why the traditional natural dying methods are back to the scene.

Kairali exports team has exploited the opportunities availed by the herbal richness of India and some judiciously selected medicinally rich herbs are used for the textile dyeing process. This not only provides shade but also wellness. We realize the virtues of Ayurveda which is a unique as well as one of the most persuasive forms of medication bestowed from the Indian vedic ethnicities. Here herbs and many other medicinal plants are used to treat ‘dosha’ imbalance. Kairali Exports uses ayurvedic herbs of exceptional medicinal values in the dyeing process and hence the name Ayurvastra (Ayurvedic Textiles).

Ayurveda is a traditional and the most influential form of medicine native to India originating from its Vedic traditions. It is popularly practiced all over the world. Ayurveda use herbs and medicinal plants for treating various health problems . We use ayurvedic herbs in our dyeing process thus Ayurvastra stands for Ayurvedic Textiles.