We use natural fiber like cotton fabrics and yarn for dyeing process. We can also use other natural fibers like jute, wool, silk, hemp and linen for our dyeing. The making of AyurTex cloths are includes 100% chemical free pure organic cottons. The dyeing process of fabric and yarn contain several methods. We mention clearly about the dyeing process below:

  • Bleaching
  • Preparation of ayurvedic kashayam
  • Dyeing
  • Drying
  • Softening
  • Finishing


The bleaching is a process to remove the natural dull color and also impurities in cotton or yarn. The natural bleaching should be done using sunlight, Soap nut & medicinal grass etc.,.
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Preparation of ayurvedic kashayam:

The dye is prepared based on the customer color requirement. Then organic fabric is medicated carefully in mixture of herbal medicine preparation called Kashayas (meaning concoctions). The word medication is used instead of dyeing because here the medicinal plants/herbs themselves give natural color to fabrics. The blend of herbs is boiled in a controlled temperature and then dye components are extracted and then filtered.
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We use only medicinally rich herbs, plants like turmeric, myrobalan, tulasi, pomegranate etc for dyeing fabric or yarn. We have aspired to achieve and retain the medicinal qualities of the herbs by immersing the plant material directly in the dye bath for the same reason. This process will permanently fix the dyes of fabrics or yarn.
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Washing / Finishing:

In ayurvedic herbal dyeing, finishing is done by sprinkling pure water on the cloth and once again treated with natural surfactant solution to remove the unfixed in yarn or fabrics.
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The dyed fabrics are too hard usually. So the natural herbal ingredients (for example coconut oil, Castrol oil) are used for softening the fabric or yarn.
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The dyed fabrics is dried in shades and kept in dark room for a weeks for color fixation.